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Make is brand I adore because it teaches us in its many ways that the best way to understand something is to take it apart, and in some cases to build something else in its place. As a hacker, this is something that is profoundly resonate with me as often it is the only way I can understand something.

So when Make, whose website and blog is powered by Movable Type, approached me to update an old plugin of mine to work with Movable Type 4, how could I refuse?

Therefore I am happy to announce the AutoLink plugin for Movable Type.

AutoLink provides users with a way of creating a list of "hot words" on their blog. Whenever these words appear in their content, they are automatically linked to a designated URL. For example, if you were to frequently write about Movable Type, and anytime you mention the phrase "Movable Type" in a post you want it to be linked to http://www.movabletype.org/ without having to enter the link manually. This plugin will do that for you.

To Make and everyone else: I can't wait to hear your feedback.

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I apologize for the change of topic, but I was wondering if you had any ideas about how to approach a plugin problem I'm having. I want to write plugin code that hijacks the rebuild process, and will only allow it continue based on certain conditions being met. Do you have any recommendations on how what sort of callbacks and stuff would be useful for catching MT right after it saves data to the database, but before it starts rebuilding?

This is good news! I loved QuickLink when I used it several years ago and am so grateful to see it updated as AutoLink. Thank you! :-)

Just a quick note to those who might be following this post: AutoLink 0.91 was just released and has a number of important bug fixes.

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