The #1 Matt: The Quintessential Blogger

It must be a great source of pride to have your web site surface as the number one search result on Google when you search for just your singular first name. Even with a relatively unique name like "Byrne" I have no hope in hell of appearing above the likes of David Byrne or Gabriel Byrne. Alas my relative obscurity.

Of course what must be even more impressive is when your name is as common as Bill, John or Matt and your website still comes up as the number on search result. I mean come on, how many Matts must there be in the world?

TypePad LogoFor example, if you search for "Matt" today, guess who comes up? A TypePad blogger who in 2006, chronicled a 6 month adventure that took him through 39 countries on all 7 continents to do one simple thing: video tape himself dancing. Then one year later after gaining a little bit of notoriety he was approached again to go on another round-the-world trip; but this time to video tape himself dancing with other people.

The pride I feel is that it is the company I work for is the one that helps Matt tell his story and millions more like him. Not all them come up as the number one search result in Google for their name, but thanks to TypePad and other blogging systems, their blog and web site does come up as their stories unfold.

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Heh heh. Matt's no longer in the top position. That must be why he's spamming his link onb the wordpress sites now.

Of course I still am for drmike. :)

Maybe instead of Byrne, you should go as enryb. I mean, how many enryb's can there be? :-D

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