Living with Trolls Among Us

I just finished reading Trolls Among Us from The New York Time Magazine. I was struck most by this quote from Fortuny in which he explains how he feels justified in hacking the Epilepsy Foundation's web site with seizure inducing flash animations:

Hacks like this tell you to watch out by hitting you with a baseball bat, demonstrating these kinds of exploits is usually the only way to get them fixed.

Which on one hand I can see the rationale behind, or at least how one could come to that rationale -- mainly that we live in a society in which people do bad things to one another, and each of us needs to be actively involved in preventing those people from doing bad things to us.

In my mind however, this rationale is a lot like saying, "people are vulnerable when they leave their doors unlocked; and the only way to get people to lock their doors is if I rob them."

You see, for me, I want to live in a society where I can leave my doors unlocked and not be afraid. I resent Threat Level Orange. I resent anyone that insists I be afraid, no matter how altruistic their intentions.

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[this is good] My sentiments exactly.

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