Introducing Super Page for Movable Type

Following the release of Movable Type 4.2 I wanted to take some time to focus some concerted energy upon an area of Movable Type that needed a great deal of love: documentation. In about a week I had managed to assemble what amounts to a book in two single massive documents [1] [2]. They are still a work in progress, but I did want to get them online to share with the community.

Movable Type Developer Docs

But here is the problem I faced: I liked maintaining them as a single document. It makes it much easier to distribute in other formats like PDF, MS Word, etc. However, these massive single documents don't help SEO, browsability or even findability online. For online usage, the documents really needed to paginated based upon section headers.

Enter Super Page for Movable Type.

Super Page allows users to partition and paginate selected pages into multiple pages on your web site. Furthermore it gives administrators access to template tags so that they can construct navigation links between the pages that eminate from a "super page."

As you update the main document, Super Page will attempt to preserve comments on your old child pages and maintain referential integrity on your site between pages. Super Page will also warn authors when they are editing a child page and direct them to the parent page instead (as it is the super page that is the true source of record).

Naturally Super Page is open source and available to all Movable Type users as a public beta. It is not perfect yet, but hopefully there are some people out there interested in helping me make this better.

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