For Evan and Owen

There was thing about becoming a parent I was completely unprepared for: the feeling you get when you hear of tragedy that befalls another parent or their children. Before becoming a parent, I would hear such news, have my moment and think, "that is horrible," and then I would go about my day. But since having Harper, hearing such news creates this profound and lingering sense of sadness and emptiness. I remember my own parents speaking of this feeling, and it was something they told me that "only a parent can understand." They were right.

So, when my friend Sarah sent me this email:

I want to share some upcoming news with you that is very close to my heart. My good friend, Dana Richards, and I have registered for the Honolulu marathon to pay tribute to the sons of two of our dear friends, Dena and Lori. They have endured major heartache and tragedy and they've given us the courage to make this effort.

We are self funding and running this race together, and raising money for medical research for Mitochondrial Disease and Juvenile Type I Diabetes. Our goal is to raise $5000 for each cause (for a total of $10,000). Please help us by making a contribution and know that each mile we run is for something much bigger than all of us.

I couldn't not give.

Please, take a moment a meet Evan and Owen by watching the video below and visiting their blog. And please: please give. And if you don't give to this worthy cause, than give to any cause that benefits the health and well being of children everywhere.

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