Why Family Guy is my new favorite television show...

Any show that can in the course of a 20 minute broadcast do a shot-for-shot parody of Spock's funeral in Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn, and then reproduce an entire scene from Anchor's Away with Gene Kelly and Stewie and have it all make sense has got my infinite respect and admiration.

Anchor's Away with Stewie

Apologies in advance for hacking video embeds, and the potential for them to disappear out from under this blog post - finding video clips from TFG is extraordinarily difficult.

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Any show that can make you laugh so loud that I can hear you at the other end of the house has my respect and admiration!

Heh - even this parody of that scene from Wrath of Khan nearly had me choking up. What a nerd!

WoW. I love Family Guy as well. This is cool, you appreciate their show as well.

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