Round-up for November 7, 2008

This week has been replete with amazing tidbits, events and milestones:

  • From the stating-the-obvious department: Obama was elected president. Hallelujah.
  • Obama was elected with the largest mandate since FDR. Source: Slate Culture Gabfest, Wow Edition.
  • Arin blogged about Family Guy. Victory is mine.
  • I heard a new sound that blew my mind: Quantum Cello. Thanks to John Brown for the great podcast recommendation. I am now addicted to Radio Lab.
  • Arin is participating in NaBloPoMo - which means I get 30 opportunities to read something new she has written this month - a real treat, although she will probably roll her eyes and disagree.
  • Arin and I are in Los Angeles... alone for two days -- the longest we have ever been away together without Harper. I see sleep in our future.

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