jQuery Dialog Theme for Movable Type

Since leaving Six Apart I have been having fun working on a number of projects I just never could find the time for while working there. Of course, I am even more privileged to be working with iThemes who have been subsidizing much of the work I am doing and who also share a philosophy of giving back to the Movable Type Community in the form of numerous open source plugins.

The most recent plugin I am working on utilizes jQuery a great deal, a javascript framework I have been using more and more frequently because of its intuitiveness, terseness and huge breadth of samples to draw from. But simply dropping it into the Movable Type application leaves many of the UI components its spawns feel bolted on as opposed to a seamlessly integrated component.

So I took a little time to develop a simple jQuery Dialog Theme that makes the dialogs jQuery spawns feel more like the traditional Movable Type dialog. The result is a dialog that looks and feels no different than what users are accustomed to, but that is faster, snappier and more feature rich, allowing users to resize and move the dialog around on the screen. Take a look:

jQuery Dialog Theme

To use the skin you need to include the skin's css (downloadable below) on your page. Then when you spawn the dialog you need to set the dialog's class to "mt" like so:

$(document).ready(function() {
    modal: true,
    width: 660,
    height: 495,
    dialogClass: "mt",
    autoOpen: false,
    overlay: { opacity: 0.5, background: "black" }

Download the skin from the link below, and everyone thank iThemes for their continued support of Movable Type and their gracious contributions to the Movable Type Open Source community!

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Byrne, thanks for the link! You've been a great partner to introduce us to MT. Looking forward to seeing our next project released.

Nice work Byrne.

jQuery really does rock.

Having recently began using MT myself, I wondered why jQuery usage was not more prevalent throughout the product. I think all of MT could benefit from building on and around jQuery. Nice to see someone else picking up on similar ideas and seeing the benefits.

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