A Photo Gallery Theme for Movable Type that works.

I am the maintainer of the Photo Gallery plugin for Movable Type. It originally started with me creating a plugin to simply automate the installation of Doug Bowman's amazing photo gallery templates for Movable Type and slowly evolved from there.

However, Doug's templates were designed in the Movable Type 3.x era. I have tried to maintain them, but truth be told, they are simply too complex and arcane, even for me. It is not that I can't so much as I have so many other things I would rather be doing. So the Photo Gallery plugin remained in a barely working state for ages, and my own galleries fell into neglect - much to the dismay of Harper's grand parents.

So I embarked on a simple redux of Jim's Mid-Century Template Set to make it work with photos exclusively, and within the next couple of days or so, I will make my modifications publicly available. In the meantime, I am weighing what to do with Doug's old Stop Design galleries and working to improve photo uploading, and so on.

Mid-Century Photo Gallery

Tell me what you think and let me know if you are interesting in testing the new template set out!

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I'd love to try the new templates. Am looking forward to their release.

Byrne, you are one of the most productive person ever in movabletype era. I would like to try them.

Ooh, very nice, Byrne. I did something similar, plugging the Flickr API into the Mid-Century templates to display my photostream. I'd love to see if I can adapt your templates to do the same thing...

And I forgot a link there to my Flickr templates: http://dafydjon.es/photos/

I'd love to try out this template set. It looks really awesome. I still wish there was a way to upload to MT directly from iPhoto somehow. If this was possible I'd be able to move teachers at our school off of Gallery2.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

I'm interested too, quite looking forward to it.

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