Increasing your site's page views with photo galleries

In my on-going blitz of plugins and enhancements for Movable Type I am adding one more to the list: upgrades and enhancements to the Photo Gallery plugin, which you can already see on my personal photo galleries.

Grid Layout

A screenshot of the new grid layout for the Movable Type Photo Gallery plugin.

These features come compliments of one my favorite clients, Urban Moms, who sponsored the development of this latest addition to the open source plugin. They are using my Photo Gallery plugin across a number of their blogs, including the Urban Traveler, the Urban Closet, and the Urban Crafter. They came to me because they know that nothing helps increase page views to a site more than photos and images, and wow were they right. Within days of deploying their new albums, their traffic increased by over 10%. Now that's results. Of course it doesn't hurt to have great bloggers and photographers working for you either.

The features I added in this release are:

  • The option to chose between a grid and blog layout for your front door.
  • The option to display a "featured" photo on your front door.
  • Documentation.

Yes, documentation is a feature, ask anyone.

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It looks there is something wrong with your comments. When I submit my comment and there is an error reads "Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Name and email address are required. ", but I've input my name and email. Preview and then submit will success submit a comment.

Hi Byrne, I got an error when publishing a photoblog:

Publish error: Publish error in template 'Main Index': Unknown tag found: IfUseFeaturedPhotoOnIndex

The Photo Gallery plugin now relies upon the ConfigAssistant plugin as well. I will update the documentation.

Good evening, first time commenter. I love your Photo Gallery plugin, but was wondering if theres a reliable solution to uploading more than one photo at a time? I previously used Photon, when you supported Stop Design, but cant find a reliable way to use it lately

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