Blast from the past: my class photo from kindergarden

Brykerwoods Kindergarden in Austin, TX - 1980

What I remember most from kindergarden: it was the year Empire Strikes Back came out. One's popularity at the time was roughly proportional to the number of times you had seen the film, compensated by how well you could portray one of the characters during play time. I am proud to say that I could do a pretty mean Yoda, even for a five year old. Making my kindergarden years the high point of popularity in school.

And now to play my favorite "old school photo game." Can you find me?

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I vote back row furthest left.

I also gotta say I don't miss the plaid pants of the late 70s early 80s. shudder

Easy: Back row, on the left. I actually see a little resemblance with Daisy.

Though I kinda wish you were the kid in the front with the plaid pants and the 29 shirt. That kid is awesome.

I was thinking the same thing -- plaid pants jokingly, but then in all seriousness top row furthest left.

Your teacher's name was Mrs. Coffee? How come no one thinks that's weird?

Was she...peppy?

I thought it was funny. Was she married to Joe DiMaggio?

Starwars, E.T,.. great time!

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