Ruminating and dissing on BSG's "The Plan"

I think what I miss most about "Battlestar Galactica" is talking about Battlestar Galactica. Luckily "The Plan" and the now airing Caprica has given me a few more opportunities to join my friends on the Galactica Quorum to do exactly what I miss most about the series! Sadly, I think there will only be a couple more episodes left.

Here is the very last podcast about Battlestar Galactica which I was lucky enough to join in on.

On the bright side, Brian, the producer of the award-winning Galactica Quorum, has started up a new series with many of the same personalities, aptly named The Geek Quorum (subscribe now in iTunes). Hopefully I will have the opportunity to join them talk about a wider variety of "geeky" television shows like Glee, Fringe and Lost, movies like Avatar, gadgets like the iPad and much, much more -- because if I start talking about this stuff with my wife too much, her eyes roll back in her head.

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