Redesigning the Contact Forms Plugin for Movable Type

First of all let me personally thank iThemes who originally subsidized the development of the Contact Forms plugin for donating the plugin to the Movable Type open source community! I am proud to call everyone at iThemes a friend.

Now, onto the show. I am happy to announce the final stretch for the plugin as we gear up for a formal production ready release. The plugin was revamped so that it could act more reliably as a "Movable Type Mail Form Processor" - on steroids of course. It has been more or less completely redesigned with a lot of focus being paid to a more polished user experience.

Once the plugin is complete, I will post all of the details and documentation over at Endevver. In the meantime, I thought people might like to see a few screenshots of the work in progress.

You can download the latest version of the Contact Forms plugin over at github and get support over at Endevver's tender.

(screenshots after the jump)

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