What happens when live-action role players take themselves too seriously

When I was in high school my family moved a block from Pease Park in Austin, Texas. From time to time when passing by Pease Park on a Saturday I would catch a glimpse of the Society for Creative Anachronism act out their Dungeons and Dragsons fantasies. One day I decided to go get a closer look.

They watched me watch them for 30 minutes before sending an emissary dressed in chain mail to ask if I wanted to join in. The absurdity of the spectacle made it tough for me to take the guy seriously, but honestly, not enough to keep me from taking him up on his offer after a little arm twisting.

I must admit, I had fun. After all, I too was a long time DnD-nerd. The games we played were mostly variants of ones we have all played, like capture the flag, tag, and so forth. Except of course with padded swords, shields, bows an arrows, and for wizards: colored socks rolled up in a ball so that they could be easily thrown. In spite of it all, I started showing up on subsequent Saturdays.

I stopped as soon as they told me I had to choose a name and character class for my character, not to mention that the next time they wouldn't let me play if I didn't come dressed the part.

The above was a really long walk to take so that I could introduce this trailer which reminded me of my brief time with the SCA. Then right around the 2:00 mark, is where our stories really diverge.

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