Rethinking how plugins are installed and managed in Movable Type

To my Movable Type fans and followers, I apologize for not posting here more frequently about Movable Type. You will find that I have moved a lot of my Movable Type blogging to two places:

My most recent post however is one that I feel warrants being cross posted, because it is news I am particular excited about. From the blog post on Melody:

A couple of weeks ago I posted my thoughts on creating a new packaging format for Melody plugins and its advantages:

The biggest advantage to [this new packaging format] is to allow us to use github to automate plugin and theme installation and upgrades because now one could easily do this: (snip)

What I am snipping out of the above quote are some geeky command lines which illustrate how to checkout a project from git. Such command line snippets now seem anachronistic given that the community has taken a major step in implementing this vision through a new plugin which, after a little TLC, will find its way right into Melody.

What is most exciting I think is the path and roadmap this plugin squarely puts us on. From the plugin's README:

This plugin is part of a larger effort to completely overhaul how plugins are discovered, installed and managed in Movable Type and Melody. The roadmap for this plugin is for it to interface directly with a centralized plugin directory managed by the community. In this capacity, the need to enter a git url at all will be completely obviated. Instead, users will search for the plugin they want from within Melody, and then click "install." The directory will know the git URL so users don't have to.

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