Family portrait for the ages

Family Portrait for the Ages

Elisabeth Daynes is known in the Paleo-archeological community for her award winning reconstructions and sculptures of our hominid relatives. Seeing this "family portrait" as it were is a beautiful look at humanity's ancestors. It also is a wonderful illustration of how we came to be for those who ever wondered or (dare I say) questioned how humans could have possibly evolved from chimpanzees.

An assembly of French artist Elisabeth Daynes' reconstructions serves as a "family portrait" for living and extinct hominids. Two australopiths, nicknamed Lucy and Lucien, are in the foreground at right. A representation of the first Homo species to leave Africa raises a rock in the foreground at left. A Neanderthal family is in the far background, and Homo sapiens is represented by the bearded figure stretching out his left hand in the background at right.

(via the MSNBC Photo Blog)

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