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I am partially ashamed it has taken me this long to upgrade my own blog to run Melody given how much of my own time I spend hacking on it. The day though, has finally come, and I am pleased with how relatively painless the process was. But of course I would say that - I am a core committer and working around any problems I encounter along the way is easy for me. So I have an admission to make: the process was not without its bumps along the way.

  1. The first error I got was from when I accessed my old mt.cgi file. It informed me that I was possibly missing a configuration file. What it should have done is kick me right into the upgrade wizard which would have walked me through upgrading from Movable Type to Melody. I fixed the problem by pointing my browser at index.cgi as opposed to mt.cgi.

  2. Next, I encountered a critical bug, which I promptly filed a ticket for and fixed. It was a bug that would only affect users upgrading from Movable Type to Melody, and it produced the following error:

    Loading template 'upgradefrommt.tmpl' failed.

    I fixed the problem by uploading the upgradefrommt.tmpl into my tmpl/wizard directory.

With those two issues fixed and out of the way, the upgrade process was very smooth. The Movable Type upgrade wizard told me exactly what I needed to do to my installation to make sure things went smoothly. I did everything it asked, it upgraded my database, and presto - before I knew it I was logged into Melody blogging away.

With this installation I will be doing what others might now - I am running Melody on top of the Movable Type Commercial and Community packs. I am doing this because I expect others from the community might do the same, and I want to make sure everything is backwards compatible. Under the circumstances therefore I must issue the obligatory disclaimer that things on this blog might be broken and that you might see an error from time to time. If you do, please let me know so that I might fix it.

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