Here Comes the Garbage Barge!

My sister once again gives Harper a book that is poised to be his next favorite: Here Comes the Garbage Barge, which I am certain I will be reading hundreds of times, if not more, as I did and still continue to do with Knuffle Bunny, and I Stink. Luckily, it is a book I will enjoy reading each and every time for the beauty of its illustrations, an opinion shared by The New York Times which named it among its top 10 best illustrated children's books of 2010.

Here Comes the Garbage Barge

The book took Chris Sickels over a year to make, as each page features an array of hand sculpted characters, with individually tailored costumes, along with props and sets assembled from what could be found around his studio. Here is a video on the making of the book:

But please, don't stop with the video. Chris' blog and web site, Red Nose Studio, is a an absolute blast to peruse as each and every character profiled is fascinating on its own. See for yourself in the slideshow after the jump.

FYI - Some of the Red Nose Studio's artwork is currently on display at SFMOMA - an exhibit I now hope to go see.

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