Be inspired. Wonder again. Watch the Carl Sagan Series.

Carl Sagan believed that humanity is driven by the unknown, that we are compelled to seek answers to questions we don't even completely understand. He believed that humanity is driven not just to peer into the far reaches of space, but to one day make space our next frontier, for the same reasons Columbus and Magellan were compelled across the seas, and Louis and Clark across a continent. For these reasons Carl Sagan postulated that humans are but just one manifestation of the universe's attempt to understand itself.

I love Carl Sagan, not just because he was brilliant, but because he was a brilliant teacher. His words, even to this day, have an uncanny ability to inspire, make us wonder, and remind all those who listen what "hope" feels like.

Inspire yourself. Join and follow the Carl Sagan Series on Facebook, a series of videos produced by NASA. Here is a preview of the first two videos, with more to come.

Part One - The Frontier is Everywhere

Part Two - Life Looks For Life

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