Volkswagen's Transparent Factory

In Dresden, Volkswagen built a car factory right in the middle of downtown.

Amazing features:

  • Devices and computers are powered without wires - instead they receive their power via induction straight through the floor.
  • Robots move about the entire building delivering parts and our guided by magnets embedded in the floor.
  • Parts are delivered via the city's rail system using specially designed trams.
  • Computers track every single screw, every nut and every bolt and won't let cars advance to the next assembly stage until all parts are accounted for.
  • Elevated conveyor belts can hold the car in virtually any position to make it easier for humans to assemble different parts of the car.

Plus, the entire building, designed by Gunter Henn, was constructed out of glass so that people can witness every step of a car's journey through the factory.

(Slideshow after the jump.)

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