Custodians of Life's Meaning

The third episode in the Carl Sagan Series has been released. I find listening to Carl Sagan akin to going to Church. I can listen again and again to these monologues and wish only that everyone would listen to them as well.

Consider again that Pale Blue Dot we have been talking about. Imagine that you take a good long look at it. Imagine you are staring at the dot for any length of time. Then try to convince yourself that God created the whole universe for one of the ten million or so species of life that inhabit that speck of dust.

Now take it a step further: imagine that everything was made for just a single shade of that species. Or gender. Or ethnic or religious subdivision. We can recognize here a shortcoming, in some circumstances serious, in our ability to understand the World. Characteristically we seem compelled to project our own nature onto Nature.

Or better yet, watch it.

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