The Grid of Tomorrow: No Grid

What started merely as something to do while doing the dishes has slowly turned into a small mission of mine: to watch every single TED talk I can. Tonight though, I watched a video that made me almost drop a dish: a talk in which Justin Hall-Tipping shared what some of the scientists his company, Nanoholdings, has discovered and is working to make viable in the marketplace.

His vision is nothing less of extraordinary: transparent, pliable carbon nanotubes that could coat our windows, and through the process of allowing the sun's energy through them not only increase energy efficiency, but also generate electricity. In Justin's words, "the power plant of tomorrow is no power plant." And then what blew my mind: the ability to transmit the excess energy a home generates wirelessly from one house to the next via line of sight, or again, as Justin tells it, "the energy grid of tomorrow is no energy grid."

Granted, there are some big challenges we must overcome to make the technology his scientists have discovered commercially viable, but we are no longer in the realm of science fiction here. This stuff is the real deal.

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