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The 37signals Holiday Gift

Did you get a bonus from your company this holiday season? Maybe you did, but you probably didn't. And if you did, was it just a check and a cheesy holiday card signed by the CEO? Probably.

Employees of 37signals got a gift this year, and it is amazing. Not only because the gift itself is thoughtful and generous, but because it was so artfully crafted and delivered.

So what exactly did they receive? A trip to one of sixteen destinations around the world including Disney World, Costa Rica, Grand Canyon, London, San Francisco, Quebec, Canadian Rockies, Paris, Patagonia, Reykjavik, Maui, Buenos Aires, Southern France, Disney Cruise, Rome and Thailand.

To get a closer look, take a look at this Flickr slideshow of the unboxing.

Now, excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor and go back to work.

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