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Fox News? Bill O'Reilly? Defending gay rights? Whaaaa?

Bernie Goldberg on the O'Reilly Factor supporting Bill O'Reilly in his criticism of conservatives calling for JC Penny to dismiss Ellen Degeneres as their newly chosen spokesperson because she is openly gay:

There's something that needs to be said no matter how uncomfortable it makes some people listening to us. There is a strain of bigotry -- and that's the word I want to use -- running through conservative America. That doesn't mean all conservatives are bigots, or even that most conservative are bigots. That's not what I'm saying. But there is a strain of bigotry. And it goes against gay people, for instance. Ellen DeGeneres did nothing wrong. She's gay, right. Reasonable people may disagree on gay marriage. That's fine. But to call on somebody to be fired, to lose her job because she's gay, is bigotry, and I don't care how many people listening to us right now don't like that. It's bigotry.

If only Fox News would become more accustomed commentary like this they one day actually live up to their slogan of being "fair and balanced."

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