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Meet Captain Dad

Meet my new favorite blogger: Captain Dad.

And his about page is the most refreshingly honest and funny thing I have read in a long time.

We're not bound by old stereotypes. We don't do things the way our moms did them or our wives would do them. We don't because, frankly, we've never read the kind of magazines that talk about that stuff. We sure as hell don't talk to other guys about it. We have forgotten what our moms did and said (often before they were even finished doing or saying it!). And our wives work, so they don't have time to write a honey-do list of child-rearing every day. Not that they wouldn't like to. But even if they did, what good what it do if we didn't read it? Which we wouldn't, even if we were the most dutiful of husbands, because we probably wouldn't have the time either. Besides, it would be unreadable in two minutes from all the yogurt stains. Whatever. We're beyond the old ways, forging a new path, making it up as we go along for no other reason than we don't know what else to do. Does that sound like a mom to you? No, sir. Mr. Mom is dead. Say hello to... Captain Dad!

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