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Commercials: Apple vs Google vs Facebook Home

Speaking of commercials, I have been generally impressed with the attempts made by Google and Facebook to create ad campaigns that live up to the standard set by Apple. I applaud them in fact for telling stories that I often stop fast-forwarding my DVR to actually watch. Take for example this Google Nexus 7 ad that never fails to tug at my heart strings:

Facebook's attempt is not nearly as strong, but it has seriously good bones -- and might even be great if it would ditch the voiceover and just let the product speak for itself:

But what I appreciate about Apple is how they are constantly raising the bar for everyone else. Apple's latest commercial is no exception in that it captures so wonderfully and stakes a claim to the modern human experience of a mobile life:

Plus, every time I watch it, I find myself wiping a tear from the corner of my eye.

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