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Wowzers: Kinect 2 Full Video Walkthrough

This demo of the XBox Kinect 2 is amazing if for no other reason than it keeps getting better and better with each passing second.

  • Infrared motion sensor so the device can see even when all the lights are off? Check.
  • Amazing and real time audio and echo cancellation so that sound from the game/device does not interfere with voice commands? Check.
  • The ability to recognize a returning player using facial recognition. Check.
  • The means to measure the force muscles exert or are subjected to by others? How in the... Check.
  • The means to monitor a person's heart rate? Sure, why not.
  • The ability to detect a person's mood? To see if they are engaged or disengaged? Happy or sad? Check and check.

Seriously amazing.

I would embed the video directly, but gizmodo will have none of that. So just click through and watch for yourself.

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