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  • 02.11.2011 Commented on How did WordPress win? I don't know- that sounds like a lot of bullshit to me. You don't take $30MM from VCs and then decide to put your feelings first. Craig is allowed to do that because he never took money. I mean, if...
  • 02.10.2011 Commented on How did WordPress win? I'd like some clarification on something: to what extent did Automattic actually win? I mean, they raised even more money than Six Apart ($30MM, if I remember correctly, to 6A's $25MM or thereabouts)- and it's been 7 or 8 years,...

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  • Byrne commented on How did WordPress win?
    Thank you so much for sharing this collection of links and quotes. It highlights for me what the real failure was. The failure was not Movable Type going commercial (although I am sure people will debate me on that), the failure was one in communication. To be fair, I must admit that I was not there when MT3 was released. Six Apart was only three people back then: Ben, Mena and Anil. Actually maybe four because I think Mie was there too. But I digress, here were 3 or 4 people who were very, very green, who had just got...
  • Byrne commented on How did WordPress win?
    @Patty - I think you misunderstand, I am not saying that every TypePad customer called us, or that Automattic called every TypePad customer. What I am saying is that Automattic systematically targeted to highest trafficked TypePad web sites, and key A-list bloggers hosted by TypePad to encourage them to leave. They successfully recruited some (or more) without Six Apart every knowing about it. But some of the people they approached were very loyal to Six Apart and TypePad. Those customers would sometimes let us know through back channels that they were approached by Automattic. And that is how we know...
  • Mike T commented on How did WordPress win?
    I was going to post a comment sympathetic to your position, until I scanned your comment again and found this nugget: The point is, while this may be our fault at the end of the day it is happening and I suggest that the software should not let us get to such a state. Performance optimization is a black art in any field. There are Oracle experts who are able to smoke gold foil-wrapped cigars lit with burning $100 bills because of the demand for people who can make Oracle actually perform like a bat out of hell. Yet few...
  • Tracey Rollison commented on How did WordPress win?
    I created my first blog in 2004. When I was looking around, I found WP.com, but almost immediately found WP.org and liked the wider range of options from self-hosting. The same day I also found MT. Looking at the two, and only having designed HTML sites before, and because I was really only doing it to have a personal blog, I decided on WP. I believe it was just about the same time the different pricing levels for MT were revealed. MT seemed to have too much of a learning curve even in just figuring out what I was going...
  • Francis Dinh commented on How did WordPress win?
    One of the things that made WordPress successful (that you didn't really mention), was WordPress had (and still has) WordPress.com; a free WordPress blog service. MT had TypePad, but didn't made their service free until recently. Anyways, this post will help those who are looking for a blog platform, why MT ended up like MySpace....

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