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  • blue heeler commented on Teaser: Hybrid News Theme for Movable Type
    yes,the Hybrid News Theme was very Beautiful.but where can i Download?Blue Heeler...
  • blue heeler commented on Stop Design Photo Gallery Plugin for Movable Type 4.1
    i am so sorry to hear that,my web building with Movable Type 4.1 must update now,thanks!bouvier des flandres...
  • blue heeler commented on Meet Melody
    i love Movable Type too,that is a great blog system,i build my all webs with that,i like to share my Experience with you,thanks, corgis...
  • Jim commented on Prefab Chicken Coops
    The latest ones look really cool. Great for the kids and ideal for anyone with limited space in their backyard, bit on the expensive side though. The kids would have to collect the eggs as there is not a great deal of room for a grown adult. Still this style of coop would suit a lot of people....
  • Francis Dinh commented on How did WordPress win?
    One of the things that made WordPress successful (that you didn't really mention), was WordPress had (and still has); a free WordPress blog service. MT had TypePad, but didn't made their service free until recently. Anyways, this post will help those who are looking for a blog platform, why MT ended up like MySpace....

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