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Ta Phrom
Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Khmer city that predates Angkor Wat by about 350 years using lasers that were able to map surface features through the canopy of the surrounding trees. The city has either been largely destroyed or buried by nature, so do not expect to see the kinds of amazing ruins like Ta Phrom (pictured to the right), but there remain artifacts that have been untouched by looters for centuries.

It is so exciting to know that there are still wondrous and amazing places on this Earth still yet to be discovered.

This demo of the XBox Kinect 2 is amazing if for no other reason than it keeps getting better and better with each passing second.

  • Infrared motion sensor so the device can see even when all the lights are off? Check.
  • Amazing and real time audio and echo cancellation so that sound from the game/device does not interfere with voice commands? Check.
  • The ability to recognize a returning player using facial recognition. Check.
  • The means to measure the force muscles exert or are subjected to by others? How in the... Check.
  • The means to monitor a person's heart rate? Sure, why not.
  • The ability to detect a person's mood? To see if they are engaged or disengaged? Happy or sad? Check and check.

Seriously amazing.

I would embed the video directly, but gizmodo will have none of that. So just click through and watch for yourself.


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