PHP Users

PHP Users is a project that enables developers to quickly deploy a fully-functional, user registration and user account management system to their web site in a few easy steps.


User Registration and Account Validation

When users register, their information is stored, and an email is sent to them. Their account will not be activated until they confirm their email address

Fully Customizable User Attributes

Every site is different and will likely want to collect and track different information about each user. PHP Users provides a mechanism for site administrators to define the set of attributes a user is allowed to set.

Site-wide Account Management

Browse the users on your system as an administrator and quickly block people's access to the site by disabling their account

Account Preferences

Your account holders can use a simple interface to edit their own account details and change their password. If account holders forget their password, PHP Users will e-mail it to them.

Single Sign-on

Once a user logs in they will receive a cookie so that they do not need to login again on futurevisits to your site. For added security, the cookie stored by the user's browser can be encrypted by PHP Users.

Extensible Permissioning System

By editing a simple text file developers can define a set of permissions for a site. Developers can then use an incredibly simple API to test whether a user on their site has been assigned the proper permission to perform a specific action, or see specific content on their site.