Project Management Interface

Note: The PMI is no longer being developed and is not supported. If you would interested in picking up the mantle of this project and developing upon it once again, please contact Byrne Reese.

The Project Management Interface (PMI) is a web based application written in PHP to help companies manage project and release information for their intranet.


I have worked at many companies over the past few years and one thing that most of them have lacked is good project management tools. When I became a project manager after being an engineer, I could no longer stand it. So I built a tool that I could use to help manage project home pages, documentation, and team information. This is what I built.


Project Dashboards

PMI automatically generates dashboards for all of your projects and releases. These dashboards can be used to easily communicate vital project information to team members.

Bugzilla Integration

Tie PMI into an instance of Bugzilla and you instantly have access to bug counts, bug reports, and personalized lists of bugs for each team member.

Watch Lists

Utilize watch lists to get notified via email when projects, and/or documentation changes.

"My PMI"

Use a the "My PMI" dashboard to get a snapshot of the projects you belong to, and of the projects, releases, and categories you have subscribed to.

Turn-key Heirarchical Directory

The PMI comes with a heirarchical directory used to store documentation associated with the various projects and releases. Documents can be associated with multiple categories anywhere within the tree so facilitate another's ability to find the relevant documentation.