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"Cutline" is a blog theme created by Chris Pearson, that I adapted to work with Movable Type 3.x's default templates a while ago. However, when Movable Type 4.0 was released with a slightly modified HTML and CSS hierarchy, that theme broke.

Today I am happy to announce that the Cutline theme has been updated to work with Movable Type 4.x. My work is not complete as I am sure there are still bugs that remain and tweaks that are needed.

If you would like to help me test Cutline for Movable Type, I would be very grateful. To install Cutline on your Movable Type blog, you will need to:

  1. Refresh your blog's templates to the "factory defaults" so to speak. (Use the "Classic Blog" template set)
  2. Navigate to the Styles section under the Design menu.
  3. Add the Cutline Style Library to Style Catcher by cutting and pasting any URL in this blog into Style Catcher.
  4. Movable Type will then download all the necessary files into your installation and allow you to apply Cutline to your blog.

That's it. You don't even have to download anything. Movable Type does all the work for you.


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+1 - Downloading....

"Add the Cutline Style Library to Style Catcher by cutting and pasting any URL in this blog into Style Catcher."

I tried to use the url: and there were no styles...

"This blog" meaning But it would be cool actually if this blog served as a repos for a number of different themes!

Is this theme compatible with MT Community? Hope so! If you continue down Moveable Type (esp. Community) themes, I'd certainly pay for a good magazine theme or cutline plus ability to change header, ads, etc.

I am pretty sure that the theme is indeed compatible with the MT Community. I haven't performed extensive testing however.

Thanks for the info.

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