Plugin Features

Easy to Read Feeds

Renders your XML feeds as HTML within most modern browsers making it easier for people to view and subscribe to your feeds.

API Autodiscovery

Allow third party clients like Flickr, ecto and others to more easily detect your preferred mechanisms for posting content into your weblog.

Podcasting Support

Generate the necessary content in your feeds for media content you link to automatically so that people can download your podcasts from podcast directories.

Comment Feeds

Allow your readers to track conversations and comments around individual posts on your blog.

Easy Installation

No need to edit templates, or manage a cumbersome installation process, just click a button and Feed Manager will set up your Movable Type install for you!


Feed Manager Template Installation

Feed Manager Template Installation

Feed Manager Template Installation

About Majordojo

"Majordojo" is the name under which Byrne Reese releases the software he writes. Byrne Reese is a father, a product engineer, an open source hacker and an employee of Six Apart.

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