Introducing Hemingway for Movable Type

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Hemingway is a beautiful web site and blog design by Kyle Neath and adapted to Movable Type by Bryan Tighe. Hemingway for Movable Type is built on top of Movable Type's default templates. It is a stylesheet only and serves as an example, not only of beautiful design, but the power of and flexibility of a sane and well thought out markup for blogs and web sites.

Installing this theme in Movable Type is simple, and does not require you to download or FTP a file anywhere. To install this theme:

  1. Make sure your Movable Type powered blog is using the "Classic Blog" template set.
  2. Navigate to the Styles area under the Design tab.
  3. Add the Hemingway Style Repository by clicking the (plus sign) next to categories and entering in the following URL:
  4. Movable Type will then present you with nine different variations on this theme. Select one and click Apply Style.

And you are done. Pretty wicked eh?

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