How to install MTAmazon32

I got a very good question came in a comment from someone who discovered that MTAmazon32 has no frigg'n installation instructions.

Good one, Byrne.

To install MTAmazon32, download MTAmazon-1.0.tar.gz into your Movable Type home directory (the directory that contains mt.cgi. Then simply unzip the archive. Then, presto, you are done.


For me, doing that creates a folder called MTAmazon32. I simply moved the pl file into the plugins folder, does it use the Plugin Envelope?

I just checked my activity log and had a ton of warnings like the following, any suggestions?

/home/username/publichtml/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/MTAmazon32/ Can't locate object method "addcontainertag" via package "MT::Template::Context" at /home/username/publichtml/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/MTAmazon32/ line 79. Compil

Byrne, sweet looking plugin! I have been looking for this functionality for a while.

However, I am having a problem with getting it to work.

The MTAmazon32 plugin is registered and the two settings tweaked appropriately. I assumed that the plugin looks for the cache folder to be within the /MTHome? directory (thus /cache/ should be all one needs).

And, MM is registered also. The URL titled "Edit My Media Queue" is active, but when I click on the link the following URL action creates a Server 500 Error (my favorite error):;from=bloghome;blogid=4

Any idea what's going on here? That URL looks really suspicious, weird, etc. to me.



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