Install Media Manager

There are two options when installing Media Manager:

  • Download and install the Media Manager archive manually
  • Install via the Plugin Manager plugin for Movable Type

Installing via Plugin Manager

The recommended way to install Media Manager is via the Plugin Manager plugin which can install Media Manager for you automatically. To install via Plugin Manager, cut and paste the following URL into the Plugin Manager Install wizard:

Installing Manually

If you prefer to install Media Manager manually, you can follow the following instructions.

  1. Download Media Manager
  2. If you have not already, upgrade MovableType to the latest version (MT3.2 or greater required). Upgrading MT is frick’n easy now…
  3. Unzip the Media Manager package. You will need to make sure you are mindful of the following: a) all files can be unpackaged into your MTHOME/plugins directory, and b) the files located in MTHOME/plugins/MediaManager/static need to be copied to your mt-static directory, which may also require you to edit your mt-config.cgi file (or mt.cfg if you have not migrated to the new config file yet).
  4. Make sure you have also installed the following MT plugins and Perl modules:


Hi, I believe I'm following the instructions correctly and I've noticed:

  • The books icon (icon-books.gif) is actually referencing /mt-static/mmanager/images/.

  • The current install package (b4) doesn't seem to have calendar.gif

thanks, -ed

I have fixed the calendar.gif issue. That was easy. However, icon-books.gif is supposed to point to /mt-static/mmanager/images. The files in Media Manager's static directory need to be copied to wherever you host your MT static files. Then the StaticWebPath in mt-config.cgi should be updated to point to the very same directory.

I've installed Media Manager (in MT 3.2b3) and it shows up in my plug-in list, but I can't click on the the way I can with other configurable plug-ins. Am I missing something?

Just loaded it and I had reviews linked in but after I looked at the listing and updated it, the like to the review was gone, how do I get it back or convert the old reviews to something that the new system can read in. When I go to some of my old reviews I get this error: An error occurred:

Invalid character in attribute value [Ln: 1, Col: 45]

also what should we be putting into the settings for the id is it the dev token or our subscriber id?

OK, I admit to a certain degree of ignorance-- but where does MTAmazon32 go?

Thanks alot for this plugin.By the way can you please tell me why your amazon ID(majordojo-20) in nsertet in all the links to the amazon?does that mans that our own Amazon subscription ID is useless?or what?

Yes, I admit, my associates Id appears by default. But you are free to override it with your own in the blog settings interface of MT. Also, don't confuse an associates id with a subscriber id. The former is a rewards program, the latter is your key to accessing Amazon's web services.

I changed the associates id in my blog settings and all the links in my Media Queue have the correct link/id, but when I publish to my site the links have your id again. Is there some setting I'm missing somewhere?

I love this plugin! Thanks for all your hard work!

I have Media Manager installed but am having issues accessing it. When I click on the Media Manager link on the left navigation bar, I'm presented with a blank screen. Here is is the file it's accessing:


Which is an actual file on my server obviously. Do you know why this would occur. Is there a way to check to make sure its installed correctly?

Thanks in advance for the help, I really need it.

During installation, I got this error message: An error occurred:

Can't call method "name" on an undefined value at lib/MediaManager/ line 249.

I seem to be having major problems installing Media Manager. When I click on 'Edit My Media Queue', I am taken to the installation page. I click the Install button and am told that the installation was successful.

When I try to do anything; 'Import Amazon Wish List', 'Add Items to the Queue', or 'View the items', I am taken right back to the installation page. It is a continuous loop.

My Activity Log in Movable Type doesn't show anything having to do with the installation of this plug in.

I tried the debugging trick from this site and I see a lot of installation successful and every once in a while an error saying "Premature end of script headers: /home/ifeelpit/public_html/plugins/MediaManager/bqtupgrade.cgi"

I'm having the same problems as chasity above. Any ideas?

Just a thought... I didn't realize for a long time that MySQL was required for this plugin. It's not noted anywhere on the site (that I could find), and it's not in the plugin description at SixApart. I finally found that in the install instructions in the download (I'd been using the install instructions here at majordojo).

Also, I'd been having the same problem as chasitymoody with the "continuous loop". Is that due to the lack of MySQL, or is it something else?

I just installed Media Manager and everything seemed to go smoothly, but when I tried to run install.cgi it was looking for mtplugins/MediaManager/install.cgi instead of mt/plugins/MediaManager/install.cgi. Is there some setting that I should be changing?

I am manually uploading the files to Movable Type's new Yahoo platform. I don't know what folders to upload the different files to. Can you help me?

I think I've done everything right so far. When I get to installing from MovableType's control panel, I receive this error message:

Can't call method "do" on an undefined value at lib/MediaManager/ line 128.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

I'm having the same problem as Rich, is there a solution?

It's installed, and I can access past reviews, but I can't add anything new - any searches or attempts to get something from Amazon results in a "I can't find anything" results page. Help?!?

Need your help and assistance to install MediaManager in Yahoo! small business webhosting ...


This I got :

An error occurred:

Media Manager could not install the requisite database tables. This is most likely due to your use of an unsupported or unknown database. This technically should not happen. If you encounter this error, please log a help ticket at the Media Manager homepage.

it says: "To install via Plugin Manager, cut and paste the following URL into the Plugin Manager Install wizard:" but there is no link :((

I am not sure what you are referring to. I see the URL in plain sight:

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