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The Photo Gallery Plugin for Movable Type does more than provide a photo blogging theme for Movable Type users, it transforms the Movable Type user interface to make managing, editing and uploading photos easier.

Mid-Century Photo Gallery



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The Photo Gallery plugin is constantly being improved. Please submit bug reports via the following approved mechanisms:


  • Quickly install a professionally design photo gallery to your web site that is seamless extension of the popular "Mid-Century" blog theme for Movable Type.
  • Multiple layouts for the front door, including a traditional photo blog layout, or a grid layout in which thumbnails predominate.
  • Feature photos on the front door of your photo blog using the @featured tag.
  • Utilize an enhanced photo management screen that replaces Movable Type's default Manage Entries and Manage Assets screens.
  • Use a stream lined and enhanced upload wizard which replaces Movable Type's default Upload File dialog.



To install this plugin follow the instructions found here:

Usage: Uploading Photos and More

Check out: Using Photo Gallery

About Mid-Century Photo Gallery

This theme is open source and based upon the amazing design work of Jim Ramsey. It is designed to be a seamless extension of his popular Movable Type theme called Mid-Century.

Release Notes

Stop Design/Doug Bowman's Templates

Starting with version 2.2 of this plugin, the popular Stop Design Photo Gallery Templates are no longer included in this plugin, and sadly, no longer supported. They simply were too complex and costly to support going forward. However, for users wishing to have access to those templates, they may download the Stop Design Gallery Theme separately.

Upgrading from Photo Gallery 1.0

See "Upgrading Photo Gallery."



I have a question about the navigation between photos in the same album. I cannot get that part to appear at all. Should the pictures be tagged specially for that or?

That is very strange. Navigation should just appear. Have you customized your templates at all from the default install? It is also possible that not of the javascript files installed properly. Is your browser detecting any javascript problems? Can you share a URL to your gallery and maybe I can take a look?

Hi and thanks for the reply.

Our album is here, All I did on the beta part (in the sidebar) is change the words to swedish and not alter anything else.

The navigation did not show up before I altered the header.

I tried a cloned blog but it is the same thing despite the templates being all original and total refreshed everything and rebuilt and so on. I also tried your upgrade script but no difference.

I do not understand a thing and I am no MT rookie as I have been using MT since 2.1 or so if I am not completely wrong and now I am using MT 4,25 with the lates security upgrade released this week.

Any idea as how to get by this?

Best regards and thanks in advance


Hi Byrne.

I have the latest version, that is 2.2b. I never had the prior ones installed. That is why I am stumped.

Short of logging into your system, it will be difficult to diagnose what is wrong. Your system is clearly creating thumbnails, so we know the widget is not being turned off because you don't support images.

Look in your Entry archive template. Do you see something like this:

<$MTInclude module="Sidebar" use_gallery="1"$>

The key piece there is use_gallery. See it?

Hi Byrne.

There was no such thing as in the entry archive template. It only said I have adjusted it with the additional use_gallery and now it shows.

Thank you very much.

A question I have is which templates are updated as that line was not in the new entry archive either. At least not the one I just downloaded, that is 2,2c. I have not refreshed all the templates and perhaps that is what is required.

I cannot see the browse Photostream and next or previous but I do have the possibility to use the Browse This Album and use those arrows.

An FYI to everyone following this thread: a new version of Photo Gallery has been released (2.2c).

Hi Byrne,

I uploaded all the files to my server. How do I create a photo gallery. Is there a menu for that?

Thanks in advance.


To create a photo gallery you need to apply the "Mid-Century Photo Gallery" template set to your blog. Visit the website and search for template sets to learn how that is done.

Anyone have issues with verticle pics VS horizontal?

Can you describe the problem you are having in more detail? What are the differences between vertical and horizontal you are seeing.

Thanks for the update to version 2.2c, this seems to be working well with MT4.24 (fresh install).

I am trying to incorporate EXIF data into individual entries. I found Tweezerman's old ImageInfo plugin at but can't seem to get it to work.. considering it's a few years old, I guess not surprising. Any chance of someone having a look at it? I'm not a coder sorry, otherwise I'd do it myself, but it is a very small plugin, only one .pl file of 235 lines in total.

One minor problem with this photo gallery plugin. When uploading a bunch of photos in an album, then looking at an individual entry once you're done, the menu on the right that lists the albums will show the album containing only the number of photos that were uploaded at the time that particular page was published.. to fix, all individual entries need to be republished (rebuilt) once the album is all uploaded (likewise with the main index). I guess moving that small section to a separate template would fix it, but might add to publish times. Actually I use php, so having these as separate php includes will be the way to go.

@demonsurfer - thank you so much for that feedback. I fix the problem you describe by:

  1. turning on template module caching for the Albums module

  2. process the Albums module as a PHP include

  3. set the caching preferences to expire when a new category or entry is created

That keeps publishing times down, and that module fresh across the entire site.

As for the ImageInfo plugin, I will look into adopting that perhaps, or folding it into the Photo Gallery plugin in some form or another.

Heya Byrne :) Wasn't having much luck, even tried using the ssi type include tag ( $mt:Include module="Albums" ssi="php"$ ) which I thought would do it, so what I ended up doing (after upgrading to v2.2d) is just cut and paste the albums module into an index template with a .php extension, and then on the sidebar module just amended the include from module="albums" to the path to the new albums.php, and it worked like a charm. :)

Hi Byrne,

How do I add "browse this Album" navigation on the right side of the page? Everything loads up except for that one.


Hi. You need to add use_gallery="1" to the sidebar text on the entry archive template.

Replace with this and it will work.

Hi Byrne.

I have added the latest version and refreshed. I do have some sort of problems that I am not sure how to handle. When I have uploaded an image to the album it does not show up correctly in the Photos list and it is also not possible to edit the asset, I get this error message: "Cannot find column 'video_id' for class 'MT::Asset::ImagePhoto'" The code on the entry page does not show a picture, it only shows the text view image. How to set it o always show an image and how to be able to edit the asset/image?

I still have the strange error concerning the Photos view doubling my baseurl so it cannot find what it should, for example the text-icon.gif

@Carina - can you remind me what version of Movable Type you currently have installed is?

Hi Byrne.

I have the MT 4.25 Pro (with Motion) that is available from the downloadpage on .com

I have a question concerning the ability to add pages. There is no choice for pages so it is quite difficult to add any. I have managed to do it by being in create pages in my other blog and then choosing the album which then gives me the option to create a page. When that is done I can use manage pages.

The same goes for the assets listing which I can also reach if I create links. But in manage assets I cannot go back or forth in the manage assets list, the choices are not click-able as they are only as text.

Perhaps neither of my issues are supposed to be usable in the Photo Gallery and if they are not I wish they were.

@Carina - I will add "Pages Support" to my list of features for the Photo Gallery plugin. Thank you. Should be easy enough.

hey bryne,

thanks for the plugin! the link to the 2.2d download seems to have the 2.2c plugin within the zip - at least the line : our $VERSION = '2.2c';

also if you can provide a changelog with these releases, it will help those of us going from 2.2b to 2.2c to 2.2d to etc


Hi Byrne, I've tried to upgrade my photo gallery from the Stop Design template to your 2.2d version. I'm following your instructions above and using the upgrade script...

Every time I try using that script it simply reloads my browser back to the System Overview Dashboard home page.

I noticed that the upgrade script indicates blogid=1. Does it have anything do with my MT blog stating it is blog_id=2?

Yes. Please set the blog_id parameter to the number/integer corresponding to the ID of the blog you want to upgrade.

Thanks Byrne. 100% satisfaction when receiving your assistance as usual.

After looking at it closer also noticed that MT 4.25 has the syntax a bit different than you indicated.

Your Example: /mt.cgi?_mode=PhotoGallery.upgrade&blogid=1

My Example: /mt.cgi?_mode=PhotoGallery.upgrade&blogid=2

There are two underscores before mode in my MT install and also another underscore within blog_id.

Hope this helps.

Sorry for my previous comment. It seems that the comment entry removed the extra underscore before mode and the one in between blog id.

Byrne, what does it mean when your upgrade process shows the Upgrade Old Entries screen and has the Done button available at the bottom but nothing is happening?

Hi, I followed the installation instructions and the plugin shows in MT as enabled, but when I go to plugin settings it gives an error: "Error in configuration template: Publish error in template '': Unknown tag found: PluginConfigForm"

@George - My apologies, the documentation needs to be upgraded. Starting with 2.2f Photo Gallery optionally depends upon the Config Assistant plugin available from majordojo. I will work on more graceful error messaging as well.

Byrne, do you know why I would be getting this error when saving a new photo on the gallery?

Error during publishing: An error occurred publishing date-based archive 'Monthly20090401000000': Publish error in template 'Monthly Entry Listing': Error in <mtInclude> tag: error in module Sidebar: Publish error in template 'Sidebar': Error in <mtinclude> tag: error in module Albums: Publish error in template 'Albums': Error in <mtIfArchiveTypeEnabled> tag: Error in <mtTopLevelCategories> tag: Error in <mtentries> tag: You have an error in your 'category' attribute: Friends & Family

My guess is that the ampersand in your category name is messing up the filter. But that is just a guess. Otherwise, I don't.

Also, please try to avoid duplicate comments. I will reply when and if I have a chance.

hello an thank you for your plugin please visit this link to see my error: 1)




You don't have ImageMagick installed. MT cannot generate thumbnails.

thank you from your response but please see this link : ImageMagick installed in my server!

It appears you may have the Perl module "Image::Magick" installed, but you do not have the accompanying c-libraries/application installed.

I would attempt to reinstall Image::Magick and make sure you run:

perl Makefile.PL
make test

If you run make test and everything works, then ping me again and we will see what we can do.

Hi, I have installed the gallery and it seem to work well, however I can not "Manage Photos" - I can "Manage entries" though. when i click on "Photos" under "Manage" dropdown - it renders page useless - screenshot

I wonder if another plugin is providing a conflict. What other plugins do you have installed?

Same problem here, but with Safari (beta 4). I get even less output (just the images links which are not working and the footer, that's all).

The plugin does not recognize when an image is rotated through the JPEG metadata (i.e. the image appears with the proper orientation on the computer, but is actually stored and displayed on the blog with a 90° angle, as shot). It would be very cool if the plugin would recognize this, or at least provide an easy way to rotate the images clock- or counterclock-wise.

just what you requested and i think facebook and feedburner

I think, I found the problem - or at least the reason...

It works fine on other machine. I guess it has something to do with IE messing the render, I wonder why it picked on you though...

as far as i concern "style shits" is a total BS, why are the people so obsessed with them?

actually it still does not work in IE neither in Vista or XP SP2

but it does work with firefox

hello i not understand your says please say me very simple!am i install from cpanel or my server should be installed? thank you

Just tried installing this and it shows up but in plugins i get the following error message.

Error in configuration template: Publish error in template '': Unknown tag found: PluginConfigForm

Bit confused as to where the template folder files go in mt. do i copy the entire folder to the plugin folder as i have done or am i doing that wrong ?

Using the latest version of Movable Type.

You need to install the Config Assistant plugin... that should fix that right up.

Got the same error and suspected the same missing plugin. You should add it to the requirements in the installation instructions.

Hi Byrne, Thanks for the great work on this plugin!

I think there is a character limit on the album title. I had a pretty long album title and it wouldn't let me rebuild the site.

Also, the Manage Photos page doesn't seem to work in Safari 4 beta. None of the photos show up, but it does work in FireFox fine.

Also, I just noticed that the gallery slider wasn't showing up on the entry archives.

The code is missing in the Entry archive template.

Same problem here:

Publish error in template '': Unknown tag found: PluginConfigForm

in the pluginsettingsscreen.

I have just updated the documentation to reflect a new prerequisite which I had forgotten about. Please install the Movable Type Configuration Assistant.

Hey, Byrne. For some reason, the Manage Photos page doesn't work in Safari. Works find in FireFox on Mac, but it totally flips out and doesn't load but part of the page in Safari.

I'm using Safari 4 now, but it did it on Safari 3 too, I am pretty sure.

Everything else works flawlessly. Thanks for all you do.


I am looking at your .tmpl files and do not see the Allow Comments check box. How can I make it checked by default?

Also, I must be missing something very simple here, but how in the world do I edit the Title, Caption, and Tags. When I go to Manage > Photos all I can do is select and deselect the photos. I can only edit them under Most Recent Entries from the Dashboard.

Also, I believe I have found an issue with using this template set under FastCGI. I remember running a previous version of PhotoGallery before installing FastCGI, and this issue does not happen.

If I am in the Photo Blog and switch to any other blog in my system, the same menu items exist, Upload Photo, Manage Photos, etc. Selecting Manage Photos results in the Dashboard page refreshing:


If I switch to a terminal window and restart apache, then the menus work as they should. (Manage Entries is back, etc). However when I go back to the Photo Blog, those menu items are not there (until I restart Apache again, of course).

So I am going to assume this is a caching problem with FastCGI. Is there any way to make this work under FastCGI, or is the way the menus are loaded inherent to how MT4 works? I was hoping to use this for our newspaper's photo gallery. Will that be possible under FastCGI?



For those subscribed to this thread, I wanted to let you know that I just released Photo Gallery 2.4.2 which makes this plugin compatible with FastCGI.

Hi Byrne,

Encounter the following error while trying to publish with version 2.4.2

"Error during publishing: Publish error in template 'Main Index': Unknown tag found: IfUseFeaturedPhotoOnIndex"

I have updated Configuration Assistant to 1.1 and have installed Mark's order plugin.

I reverted back to version 2.3 and configuration assistant to 0.93 and all is fine. I am using Movabletype 4.25.


This was working fine for me under MT 4.26, but seems to have broken completely under 4.3. Uploading new photos doesn't seem to work - while they upload and I can enter the details, in the photo listing page they appear blank (in Firefox) and as an application icon (!) in Safari. No newly-uploaded photos publish.

Running PG 2.4.2 / CA 1.1 and Order.

My understanding is that there is a big bug in MT 4.3 that is the root cause of this problem. If you can rollback to 4.26.1 I recommend it. Otherwise, I am not sure how to recover from this issue. Six Apart should probably offer recommendations. I encourage you to contact them.

Thanks for the update, Byrne. I am right in thinking that Six Apart has not rectified this issue in 4.31?

The problem still seems to exist in upgraded installs.

Yikes. Really? I have not yet had a chance to test with 4.31 because I have not been bold enough to update my installs.

If you are upgrading from 4.30 to 4.31 I don't expect this issue to be resolved completely, because I doubt 4.31 actually repaired installs broken by 4.30.

I tested this on installs that had gone from 4.30 to 4.32, unfortunatly.

I'll have a play with a fresh install in the next few days and get back to you.

And by 4.32 I mean 4.31. Ahem.

More coffee needed...

OK - I have tried installing PhotoGallery / ConfigAssist / Order in a brand new 4.31 clean install, in a new blog, in a brand new database. Still broken, I'm afraid. Exactly the same symptoms as under 4.3

FYI - Just released version 2.4.3 of the Photo Gallery plugin to fix issues with Fast CGI.

Byrne, what seems to be the problem with your own photo gallery? "Recent Photos" section on main index page is broken(in FF 3.5.2). In IE everything looks just fine.

Hi Byrne, Any idea when this plugin will work with MT 4.31? I was going to start work on a project using this but it seems I can't upload files in MT 4.31 anymore.

No idea yet. It pains me to say this, but I don't think MT 4.31 is ready for prime time without a support contract in place with Six Apart Services or some other organization. I have just seen too much anecdotal evidence to suggest things aren't stable. Especially in the assets-arena, which many of my plugins rely.

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for this amazing plugin. I was looking for a photo gallery blog to showcase my travel photos and comments, and this is exactly what I needed.

I just modified it a tiny bit to allow both photo and non-photo (regular) blog entries. I had to alter the Albums template to look for entries which are not tagged "@text", because it failed to create album links in the sidebar. I just tag my regular entries with @text and everything's fine!

I would like to be able to use the grid layout for photos and be able to post regular entries on the front page though. But it's not a big deal!


Cool. I think what you are doing is definitely the future for this plugin. I have deployed this technology to ChicagoNow and it is clear in using it there that "galleries" should be able to exist within a blog, not exclusively from them.

Some minor template adjustements were needed, nothing big though.

See it (french):


Another nice feature I would like to have: be able to specify an alt text when uploading a new photo. It would be optional, and if not specified, the photo title would be used instead. Search engine friendly!

Is there any way to use caching on the gallery module? I'm guessing there isn't. I've tried a variety of things but when I do caching, every page gets the same photos as the first batch.

The gallery module is not something that can be cached using the UI. The mt:include tag does have a facility for you to define your own caching scope - meaning all entries within the same category can share the same cached module. The attribute you are looking for is cache_key on the mt:include tag.

Thanks for pointing that out. I went back and read your ultimate guide to template module caching and tried this:

and it works... BUT it no longer highlights the photo you are currently on. I guess there is no way around this since each entry will need to create a new starting marker for the thumbnail in the gallery?

Why not adding exif geolocation recognition in the plugin? This could allow bloggers to show the location of shots on their albums?

And we should be able to update the photo after publication (upload a new version). I accidentaly uploaded a bunch of very big pictures and I would like to update them with smaller 800x600 versions.

any idea when a 4.3-compatible version will be available?

Seconded. Or at least clue us a little more on whats going on. You mention contacting SixApart to get them to fix the bug, but what bug exactly should we be fighting to resolve?

Sorry, didn't mean for that to sound jerky. Just looking for some update, upgraded before seeing that it would break. Thanks!

hi. does your plugin not work with MT5? there's no 'Mid-Century Photo Gallery' theme available for new blogs. only 'Classic' or 'Pico'.

I am sorry. None of my plugins have yet to be tested and certified on Movable Type 5.

that's understandable. do you have some sort of announcement or mailing list i could join that would announce when they are? thanks.

This blog is the best place to get announcements about my plugins. As is my Twitter stream @byrnereese.

Byrne, has this been tested successfully with any of the MT 4.3x versions?

I have a case where is was working on 4.261 and now trying it (not an active blog) after since upgrading to 4.34 and it doesn't work. I think the issue may be related to the fact that MT 4.3 introduced the asset manager, and the Photo Gallery code doesn't associate new photos with entries in the asset manager, and the old <form> based method no longer does the trick. Just speculating, having dug into the PG code...

I have updated the download links to point to the right place. You should see a version of Photo Gallery that is tagged mt43-compatible.

Hi Byrne,

I get an error when signing in with both Movable Type and the signin:

Publish error in template 'Login Form': Error in <mtPluginStaticWebPath> tag: The plugin you specified 'MidCentury$>system.css' in 'PluginStaticWebPath' could not be found.

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  • Hi Byrne, I get an error when signing in with both Movable Type and the signin: Publish error in template 'Login Form': Error in <mtPluginStaticWebPath> tag: The plugin you specified 'MidCentury$>system.css' i...

  • This blog is the best place to get announcements about my plugins. As is my Twitter stream @byrnereese. ...

  • I have updated the download links to point to the right place. You should see a version of Photo Gallery that is tagged mt43-compatible. ...

  • Byrne, has this been tested successfully with any of the MT 4.3x versions? I have a case where is was working on 4.261 and now trying it (not an active blog) after since upgrading to 4.34 and it doesn't work. I think t...

  • that's understandable. do you have some sort of announcement or mailing list i could join that would announce when they are? thanks. ...