Upgrading Photo Gallery

In versions prior to Photo Gallery 2.1 the Photo Gallery plugin stored images slightly differently. This method made the plugin very inflexible in regards to the images sizes that could easily be generated by the theme. These version of the plugin stored a reference to a thumbnail in the excerpt field, and a reference to the full size image in the extended entry field.

Then I changed all of that. Users therefore that have photos stored in this format will need to upgrade. First the bad news:

I do not support upgrades. They are risky and the process can be error prone. I do not take responsibility for them.

Now the "good news:"

There is a very experimental way to upgrade your photo galleries to the latest version. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Backup your gallery. You can do this by making a clone of your photo gallery blog, or by doing a mysqldump of your database. If things go wrong, and they can trust me, you will need something to revert back to.

  2. Run the upgrade script. The upgrade script can be run by typing this URL into your browser:


    If you are not sure what I am asking you to do in the URL above, don't do it. Leave it to a professional or a friend you trust.

If something goes wrong, restore from your backup, then contact me to let me know what happened. Perhaps I can fix it. Perhaps not. We'll see.

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