MTAmazon Getting Started Guide


By far the easiest way to install MTAmazon is by using Plugin Manager, a Movable Type plugin that automates the installation and upgrades processes for Movable Type plugins. MTAmazon is "Plugin Manager Enabled." To install, just upload the MTAmazon zip file into the Plugin Manager interface and Plugin Manager will do the rest.

To install MTAmazon manually navigate to MT's home directory (where you will find mt.cgi) and unpack the MTAmazon archive into that directory.

This will place the MTAmazon plugin files into: $MT_HOME/plugins/MTAmazon


MTAmazon 3.x requires certain database tables to be initialized prior to usage. To initialize MTAmazon, access the following URL (being careful to make the necessary substitutions in the URL below as required):

If successful, you will be displayed a message of "MTAmazon has been successfully installed." In future versions of Movable Type (3.3 and beyond), this will no longer be necessary.

Obtain an Amazon Web Services Access Key Id

Once you have installed MTAmazon, you must then obtain a Subscriber Id from Amazon Web Services. This "Access Key" is what gives you access to Amazon's product catalog. Obtaining an Access Key Id is easy, just visit the following URL and following the instructions found there:

Take note of the Subscriber Id assigned to you. You will need to use it later.

Obtain an Amazon Associates Id

Now you will need to be become an Amazon Associate. Belonging to this program is what entitles you to earn referral fees for the customers you refer to Amazon. Signing up is free and easy. Just visit the url below and follow the instructions found there:

Configure the Plugin

Assuming you have gotten this far, you now have an Associates Id and a Access Key Id. Now it is time to plugin them into Movable Type. First click the "SYSTEM OVERVIEW" link at the top of every page in Movable Type. Then look for and click on the Plugins link in your left nav bar. You will then be taken to a list of all the plugins currently installed in your instance of Movable Type. Look for "MTAmazon" and click on its Show Settings link.

Enter in the Access Key Id you received from Amazon in the space provided. This Access Key Id enables all the blogs in the current instance of Movable Type to speak with Amazon's Web Services. This need only be entered once for the entire system.

However, each weblog has the option of providing its own distinct Associates Id. To configure a weblog, select it in the pull down menu located at the top of every page and click "Go." Then click the Settings link located in the left nav bar. Then click the "Plugins" tab located on the far right (you should find it right next to "IP Banning"). Look for "MTAmazon" and click on its Show Settings link.

Finally, enter in your Amazon Associates Id in the place provided. You can enter in a different Associates Id for each blog in your system.

<MTAmazonItemSearch Keywords="Lord of the Rings" 
  <a href="<$MTAmazonDetailPageURL$>"><$MTAmazonTitle$></a>

Once you are comfortable with the above, consult the tag reference and try your hand at more complicated lists and use of MTAmazon template tags.

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