Troubleshooting MTAmazon: "Nothing shows up for me!"

I commonly get reports from users that they have correctly installed MTAmazon32, it shows up in their plugin listing, they have entered in a subscriber ID, etc. It appears from within MT to be perfectly fine, but when they rebuild their weblog nothing happens and nothing shows up. This post summarizes what I have learned to be frequent mistakes and gotchas when using MTAmazon32. If you are experiencing problems with this plugin, keep reading and you may find the solution to your problem.

  • MTAmazon32's template tags work only with templates - some users have attempted to place template tags within the context of a post. A great concept, but not something that is supported by MT out of the box. If you really would like to be able to do this, check out the Process Tags Plugin.
  • Make sure your Subscriber ID is correct - Some users have accidently cut and paste their subscriber ID into the proper field, but in the process inadvertantly cropped a character from the end... Long hex digits are a pain because they are difficult to verify visually. It may look right, but check to make sure.
  • Remove leading and trailing white space - Another common cut and paste error results in a leading or trailing space to inserted into a subscriber ID. Make sure your subscriber ID is accurate and make sure to trim all white space.

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