What is Amazon32?

MTAmazon is one of the most useful and widely used Movable Type plugins available. And even though Amazon has updated their Web Services API several times, the plugin has not been. In fact, it has not been updated in over one and a half years, and will not likely be updated again.

Learning that was disappointing because a project near and dear to my heart, Media Manager, uses MTAmazon extensively; and MTAmazon does not deliver the user experience I want. So I took it upon myself to make some updates, specifically around plugin configuration and management in an effort to make MTAmazon easier and more flexible in its configuration.

Therefore, MTAmazon32 is a re-packaging of MTAmazon providing a more integrated experience with the Movable Type publishing platform. It integrates with the latest version of Movable Type and takes advantage of all the new plugin hooks available. It offers integrated system level plugin settings, and blog specific plugin settings. It no longer requires administrators to edit configuration files located on the file server. Everything is now done through easy to use MT-enable configuration screens.

MTAmazon32-sys.pngMTAmazon32's System Level Config Screen

MTAmazon32-blog.pngMTAmazon32's Blog Specific Config Screen

In future version's MTAmazon32 will take advantage of the latest APIs from Amazon, and will have even more configuration and cacheing options.

And yes, all the old MTAmazon template tags work with MTAmazon32. It is 100% backwards compatible. Enjoy.

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