Install Photo Gallery

There are two options when installing Photo Gallery:

  • Download and install the Photo Gallery archive manually
  • Install via the Plugin Manager plugin for Movable Type

Installing via Plugin Manager

The recommended way to install Photo Gallery is via the Plugin Manager plugin which can install Photo Gallery for you automatically. To install via Plugin Manager, cut and paste the following URL into the Plugin Manager Install wizard:

Installing Manually

If you prefer to install Photo Gallery manually, you can follow the following instructions.

  1. Download Photo Gallery
  2. Unzip the Photo Gallery package. You will need to make sure you are mindful of the following: a) all files can be unpackaged into your MTHOME/plugins directory, and b) the files located in MTHOME/plugins/PhotoGallery/mt-static need to be copied to your mt-static directory, which may also require you to edit your mt-config.cgi file (or mt.cfg if you have not migrated to the new config file yet).

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