Publish Queue Manager

An essential component of any large scale Movable Type installation is "Publish Queue." Publish Queue is a system by which files published by Movable Type are published in the background at the next available moment, as opposed to slowing down the commenting system and application as MT publishes lower priority files.

For the longest time, the Publish Queue was a black box. Users had absolutely no idea what it was doing and how many files were in it awaiting publication. This made diagnostics very difficult, if not virtually impossible.

Well, no longer. Publish Queue Manager provides the administrative console you need to better manage your queue.

Publish Queue Manager screenshot



  • List all items on your queue at the system level. (no support for blog level queue inspection yet)
  • Delete one or more jobs from the queue.
  • Change the priority of one or more jobs on the queue.
  • Indicate if a job on the queue has produced an error.


Prior to installation, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • User has MovableType 4.2 or later installed
    • it could work on 4.0 or later, but it has not been tested yet


  1. Unpack the PQManager archive.

    prompt> unzip

  2. Copy the contents of PQManager/plugins into /path/to/mt/plugins/

    prompt> cp -a PQManager-0.9/plugins/* /path/to/mt/plugins/

You will know if Publish Queue Manager is installed properly if you can see Publish Queue Manager listed under your list of Active Plugins.


To view and manage your queue, visit the "Manage" > "Publish Queue Jobs" accessible from the System Dashboard.


Please post your bugs, questions and comments to this page.



Publish Queue Manager is licensed under the GPL.


Thanks for Brad Choate for his insights on how to get the join syntax to work that makes this plugin possible. Thanks to Jay Allen for his bug fixes that made 0.91 possible. Thanks to Hirotaka Ogawa for his identification of another bug.