Salesforce Perl and PHP Projects

The following code samples were developed for the dreamForce Conference held in San Francisco on November 1-4, 2004.

Sforce in P3 (PHP, Perl, Python)

Open-source scripting languages are a popular way of building sforce solutions and integrations. Learn how you can use PHP, Perl, or Python to access the sforce Web service API, as well as tips, tricks, and best practices for maximizing these tools with your sforce solutions.


PHP uses features in their WSDL which few toolkits support yet. One of these features is the use of SOAP Headers, which SFDC uses extensively for session management, specifying call options, and more. This script's purpose is to simplify the process a PHP developer must go through in order to call SFDC's Web Services using Pear SOAP.


The Salesforce-Perl project is primarily a Perl module written to facilitate calls to Salesforce's sForce APIs using SOAP::Lite, Perl's Web Services toolkit.

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There are a couple of Python projects now, namely the Salesforce Python Toolkit and Beatbox.

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