Movable Type

As the former Product Manager of Movable Type at Six Apart, one of the chief architects of the Movable Type 4 relaunch, one of the leaders of the Movable Type Open Source project, and one of the most prolific contributors to the Movable Type user and developer communities there are few with an equal amount or depth of experience and expertise with the Movable Type platform.

Aside from my expertise, here are some of the additional benefits in choosing to work with me to build a Movable Type powered web site:

  • Close Alliance with Six Apart - I have close working relationships with virtually every member of the Movable Type team, both within services and the product development teams. This allows me to get resolution to road blocks quickly and efficiently, as well as stay on top of the latest developments and plans for the product.

  • Minimal Overhead - As a small consultancy, I have few operating expenses that must be covered by his clients. This naturally leads to lower rates and more billable hours devoted to the you, the client.

  • Open Source Discounts - I am a strong advocate of open source and I believe that when we support open source everyone benefits - especially my clients, who receive a higher quality product, and a lower total cost of ownership when the job is done. As enticement, clients who elect to contribute components of the solution built for them to the Movable Type Open Source community receive special discounts and sponsorship opportunities within my network.

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