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Software providers never want you to know that success will not come from their tools alone. That is because "social media" is about people and content first, and technology second.

My experience in managing communities as well as building the software that has helped others do the same gives me a unique perspective on the process and tools needed to make a web site powered in whole or in part by its community successful. I can advise you on your next major community-oriented web site, produce or initiative.

Understanding the Value of Social Media

Slowly the world is beginning to appreciate that "social media" is a concept that can great extend a company's reach into their customer base, carry their message and products to new markets and great improve customer relations by opening up communications and actively engaging in and seeking out a dialog with them. But how do you put this concept into practice? And perhaps more importantly, how do you measure your success after doing so?

This is where I can help with a number of different services, including:

  • Strategic Consulting - let me come and assess your company's "social media readiness" and compile a report outlining specific techniques you can utilize to achieve the goals we work together to define.

  • Training - let me come to your company and present the concepts behind "social media" to a select team, or the entire company. Then let me setup hands-on training with your community managers to help them make the most of the many tools and services at their disposal.

  • Technology and Implementation Services - I am well versed not just in the concepts behind social media, but also in putting them to practice among community managers, and also in implementing them in products and the tools you are already using. After a more thorough examination of your needs, I can also help you to implement the recommendations I provide.

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