Software Development


Byrne is an experienced Javascript developer and has developed large scale applications that depend entirely upon either YUI or jQuery. See also:

  • Tag Control for YUI - A simple widget to make the addition and removal of tags simple and intuitive.

  • Filter Control for YUI - A widget, or UI control that automates the creation of a progressive filtering mechanism.


In addition to being an experienced Perl developer, Byrne is also incredibly versed in PHP. He has developed numerous large scale web applications build upon PHP as well as numerous open source libraries in use by sites across the Internet. See also:

  • Test Run - A large scale test case management solution written entirely in PHP serving thousands of customers.

  • MyPHPGoogleCheckout - An open source library for integrating with Google Checkout.

  • PHP Paginator - A simple open source library that makes generating links to pages within a result set almost too easy.


Byrne is an experienced Perl programmer having served as the lead developer of the popular SOAP::Lite toolkit, and continuing to be one of the Movable Type's leading plugin developers and contributors.

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