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Testitool is an application written in PHP that allows it's users to compose and manage QA test plans.

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Test Plan Management

Use Testitool to compose rich test plans containing an unlimited number of test cases. Each test case can be mapped to a functional requirement (documented elsewhere), can be assigned a type (e.g. regression, functional, etc.), and more.

Manage Individual Instances of Each Test Plan

Each test plan contains the master list of all test cases for a given product. However, for any given release you may not want to execute each and every test case. Testitool allows you to pick and choose which test case you will want to execute for any given instance of the test plan. Then track the pass and fail rate of each test plan instance.

Generate Reports

Testitool allows anyone to view a variety of different test plan reports including: a bug report, a progress report, and failure rate report, and more.

Import/Export Test Cases from Excel

Do you prefer to use a program like Excel to write your test plans - Testitool allows users to easily import and export test plans and all of their test cases to and from CSV file formats.